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B.C. is developing a new Climate Leadership Plan, and looking to hear from citizens like you.
Let our leaders know that you’re ready. Share your priorities right now via the form below and send a clear message to government that YES, you’re ready for renewed climate action!

Choose one or more Clean Energy priorities from the options below.

Efficient Buildings

I'm ready for more efficient buildings

So that we can create jobs and meet our climate targets

And this means setting the bar higher and creating standards for greener construction

Carbon Pricing

I'm ready for BC to tax all climate pollution

So that our emissions fall as our economy grows

And this means increasing BC's carbon tax and supporting solutions

Better Transit

I'm ready for better transit

So that we can get to work faster and cleaner

And this means provincial investment in transit infrastructure

Clean Vehicles

I'm ready for the transition to cleaner cars and trucks

So that the vehicles we drive are part of the solution

And this means ensuring citizens can choose from a range of clean vehicles

Good Jobs

I'm ready for jobs in the clean energy economy

So that I can put my skills to work on climate solutions

And this means making renewable energy, efficient buildings, and clean transportation a priority across BC

Sign the petition to send your priorities!

By signing this petition and clicking “Submit” you’ll allow us to send your climate priorities to the B.C. government, including Premier Christy Clark, Environment Minister Mary Polak, and your MLA.

Email Preview

Dear Premier Clark, Minister Polak, and My MLA,

I am writing to convey my priorities for your government's new Climate Leadership Plan. In my view, the following areas require urgent attention and policy action...

I urge you to take action on this priority, or priorities, and move climate leadership back to the front burner. Together, we can create a climate-friendly future with healthy communities and a competitive economy for all British Columbians.

Thank you,
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Clean Energy Canada is a program of the Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University, in Vancouver, British Columbia.